Substance Abuse Among Teen Girls is Rampant 

In the last 20 years, substance abuse among teens has become an epidemic. While the word “epidemic” may sound alarmist, rest assured it is not used without reason. Please don’t take our word for it; look at the statistics. According to the CDC, 20 percent of high school seniors admitted to binge drinking in 2014. 40 percent admittedly used alcohol the same month that the study was conducted. The CDC Also reports that roughly 20% of teens have abused prescription medications. 

It’s even more concerning for parents of teenage girls. According to a 2019 study by the Partnership for a Drug-Free America (now The Partnership at, teenage girls are more vulnerable and susceptible to drug abuse and addiction than males of the same age.

As to why teenage girls are especially prone to addiction, clinical studies and research posit a few theories. 

According to reports on teenage drug abuse, girls may be more susceptible to drug use because of three key factors. 

One factor, researchers say, is because girls are more likely to give in to peer pressure. 

The second factor is that teenage girls are more likely to have co-occurring mental disorders. In other words, teenage girls are more likely to self-medicate their mental health disorders by using drugs and alcohol. 

According to The Partnership research, the third factor is that teen girls are more likely to perceive the potential benefits of using drugs and alcohol. Nearly 70% of drug-abusing girls say that “using drugs helps them deal with problems at home.” 

What to Do If Your Teenage Daughter is Abusing Drugs and/or Alcohol 

While the aforementioned statistics may sound dire, there is another statistic a parent of a drug-abusing teen should consider. According to Addiction Center, one in three parents think little to prevent, stop, or stifle their teen from abusing harmful substances. However, scientific evidence shows that parental involvement is the strongest factor in preventing and rehabilitating their child from abusing harmful substances. 

While it’s alarming to think that one-third of parents feel as though they are helpless from preventing their child from becoming addicted to drugs and alcohol, it should provide solace to know that scientific studies all but prove the contrary. 

In other words, there is overwhelmingly good news. By acting decisively and locating the most optimal form of treatment, parents of troubled teenage girls can dramatically improve their daughter’s odds at rehabilitating their drug and alcohol habits.  

First Things First: Locate a Drug & Alcohol Counselor

Before confronting a teenage girl about their suspected substance abuse or addiction, parents should seek out a drug addiction counselor's services - specifically, one that specializes in teen drug abuse. 

This decision alone will benefit them for a few reasons. First of all, a drug counselor can give parents invaluable preparation and advice for how they should conduct themselves when confronting their teen. Additionally, drug counselors can help parents set realistic goals and answer any questions they might have regarding potential drug rehabilitation centers. 

This kind of dialogue between parent and counselor can provide much-needed assistance in opening up a subsequent dialogue with their daughter. The smoother the conversation between parent and teen, the smoother it will be to find their daughter's treatment. 

What does rehab for teenage girls look like?

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation for teenage girls is very similar to that of adult rehab. Typically speaking, a teenage girl will undergo detoxification. During this process, they will be in direct and constant contact with medical professionals and counselors who are specialized in helping teens go through withdrawal symptoms.  

Optimally speaking, after detox, a teenage girl will then attend a residential treatment center that is well-versed in addressing not only her drug use but her underlying mental and emotional issues that cause substance-abusing behaviors as well.  

On that note, it’s also important for parents to consider that, while their daughter’s issues aren’t unique, her personal choices and why she made them are. That said, it is crucial to find a residential treatment facility that can custom-tailor its treatment for her as an individual. 

Clearview Girls Academy - A Well-Balanced Residential Treatment Facility That Treats Substance Abuse, Addiction, And Mental Health-Related Issues

At Clearview, girls receive a tailor-custom treatment plan that is individualized and aligned with their medical, emotional, and psychological needs. For over 25 years, our multi-disciplined staff in serving every resident carve a new path to a more productive life. Our clinical staff, both on and off-campus, is made up of psychiatric specialists, primary care physicians, a dentist, an orthodontist, & licensed psychotherapists, as well as teachers, mentors & residential care staff.

We specialize in treating troubled girls who struggle with drug and alcohol addiction, eating disorders, academic-related issues, and other negative mental health and behavioral-related problems. 

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