What is the expected impact of KINGDOM Empowered, KINGDOM TV, and a Multi-million Member KINGDOM Empowered App User-base upon the WORLD?


We believe, through a successful venture and launch, KINGDOM Empowered will assist millions of mature CHRISTIAN BELIEVERS in becoming super empowered and growing deeper in their faith by cultivating a close, intimate relationship with God, AS FATHER.

Here are some key aspects of the expected KINGDOM Empowered transformation process and how it manifests in the life of a mature Christian believer:

Intimacy with God: Mature believers prioritize their relationship with God above all else. They regularly pray, worship, and meditate on God's Word. This deepens their intimacy with God, allowing His presence and guidance to permeate every aspect of their lives.

Renewing the Mind: Transformation begins by renewing the mind with the truth of God's Word. Mature Christians actively study, meditate, and apply biblical principles to their lives. They allow the Holy Spirit to transform their thought patterns, aligning them with the truth of God's love, grace, and purpose.

Surrender and Obedience: Mature believers surrender their will to God and submit to His leading. They willingly obey His commandments and align their lives with His Word. This includes walking in love, forgiveness, and humility and embracing the values and priorities of the KINGDOM of God.

Fruit of the Spirit: As believers grow deeper in their relationship with God, the fruit of the Spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control) becomes increasingly evident in their lives. They exhibit Christ-like character traits in their interactions with others, reflecting the nature of God to the world.

Gifts and Ministry: Mature believers discover and develop their spiritual gifts and talents for the edification of the body of Christ and the advancement of God's KINGDOM. They actively use their gifts and talents to serve others, ministering in areas that align with their God-given purpose and passions.

Impactful Witness: Transformed Christians profoundly impact the world around them. Their lives testify to God's love, grace, and power. They demonstrate Christ-like compassion, kindness, and selflessness in their relationships, reaching out to the lost, hurting, and marginalized. Through their transformed lives, they attract others to the love and truth of Christ.

Manifestation of Christ's LIFE: The mature Christian, transformed into the image and likeness of Christ, begins to reflect the very character of Jesus. They exhibit qualities such as humility, righteousness, compassion, wisdom, and grace. Their words and actions align with the teachings and example of Jesus, drawing others to encounter the reality of God's love.

The transformed, mature Christian stands out as a beacon of hope and light in a broken world. They inspire others through their unwavering faith, love, and commitment to God. Their transformed lives testify to the power of God's transformative work, attracting others to seek the same experience.


It's important to note that transformation is an ongoing process that continues throughout a believer's lifetime. As Christians grow deeper in their relationship with God, they continually surrender to His work in their lives, allowing Him to mold them into the image and likeness of Christ.

The world WILL BE profoundly impacted and transformed if most mature Christians worldwide truly embody Jesus's life and walk in His empowerment of GRACE.

Here is a vision of what that world WILL look like and how these empowered and transformed Christians WILL bring change to various aspects of society:

Families: Empowered Christians WILL prioritize love, grace, and selflessness within their families, mirroring the character of Christ. They WILL lead their households with wisdom, humility, and integrity, fostering environments of peace, unity, and spiritual growth.

Marriages WILL be marked by deep love, mutual respect, and sacrificial service, becoming a powerful witness to the world of Christ's relationship with His Church.

Parents WILL raise their children in the ways of the Lord, teaching them the KINGDOM'S values and nurturing their unique giftings and calling. Families WILL BE discipleship centers, equipping the next generation to continue the transformative work of Christ.

Communities: Empowered Christians WILL actively engage in their communities, seeking to bring positive change and address societal needs. We WILL demonstrate compassion, justice, and reconciliation, actively working toward the well-being of all community members.

Crime rates WILL decrease as transformed PEOPLE become peace, reconciliation, and restorative justice agents. We WILL actively work towards healing divisions, resolving conflicts, and fostering unity.

Poverty and inequality WILL be tackled through initiatives led by empowered Christians who generously give of their time, resources, and skills to uplift the marginalized and provide for those in need. We will establish sustainable projects that empower individuals and communities to thrive.


Businesses: Transformed Christians WILL bring ethical and moral values into the marketplace, conducting business with integrity, honesty, and fairness. They WILL prioritize the well-being of employees, customers, and communities over profit.

Businesses WILL become platforms for advancing the KINGDOM of God, actively investing in the development and empowerment of their employees. They WILL create environments that foster personal and professional growth, providing mentorship and opportunities for advancement.

Empowered Christians in leadership positions WILL use their influence to promote justice, equity, and environmental stewardship within their industries. They WILL champion responsible business practices prioritizing people's and the planet's welfare.

Schools and Education: Empowered Christians WILL engage in the field of education, both as teachers and administrators, infusing their classrooms with love, compassion, and wisdom. They WILL prioritize holistic development, nurturing students' intellectual, emotional, and spiritual growth.

Schools WILL become environments where students are taught to value and respect one another, embracing diversity and promoting inclusivity. Transformed Christians WILL model Christ's love and teach forgiveness, reconciliation, and conflict resolution principles.

Education WILL be centered on pursuing truth, excellence, and character development. Students WILL be academically, spiritually, and morally equipped, preparing them to become compassionate and responsible societal leaders.

Ministries and Churches: Empowered Christians WILL lead ministries and churches marked by God's love and power. They WILL prioritize worship, discipleship, and community, creating environments where people encounter the transforming presence of God.

MinistriesWILL aim to equip and empower believers to walk in their God-given purpose and gifts. Transformed Christians WILL mentor and disciple others, raising up a generation of leaders who continue the work of Christ.

Churches WILL be agents of societal transformation, actively engaged in addressing social issues, advocating for justice, and serving the community. They WILL partner with other organizations and institutions to transform their cities and nations holistically.

In summary, a world where most mature Christians walk in the image and likeness of Christ WILL see families, communities, businesses, schools, and ministries transformed by the power of God's love. These empowered and transformed Christians WILL bring healing, reconciliation, justice, and restoration to every sphere of society, reflecting the KINGDOM of God on earth and drawing others to encounter the life-transforming love of Jesus Christ.


When transformed believers and followers of Christ truly embody the image and likeness of Jesus and His Father, their impact on non-believers and those who do not yet know Christ would be significant.

Here are some potential impacts:

Authentic Witness: Transformed believers WILL become living testimonies of God's love, grace, and power. Their lives WILL demonstrate the transformative work of Christ, drawing others to inquire about the source of their joy, peace, and transformed character. Their authenticity and genuine faith will be powerful witnesses to the truth of the Gospel.

Love in Action: Transformed believers WILL exhibit unconditional love, compassion, and kindness towards non-believers. They WILL reach out to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of those around them, mirroring the love of Christ. Through their selfless acts of service, they WILL demonstrate the tangible reality of God's love and care.

Miracles and Signs: As believers walk in the fullness of their empowerment, they WILL operate in the Holy Spirit's spiritual gifts and supernatural power. Miracles, healings, and signs and wonders WILL accompany their ministry, providing undeniable evidence of God's existence and His desire to intervene in people's lives.

Proclamation of the Gospel: Transformed believers WILL boldly and compassionately share the message of salvation through Jesus Christ. They WILL articulate the truth of the Gospel with clarity, conviction, and relevance, addressing non-believers' questions, doubts, and objections. Their lives WILL be a living sermon backed by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Invitation to Relationship: Transformed believers WILL extend invitations for non-believers to encounter the love and grace of God through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. They WILL create spaces for genuine dialogue, fostering an atmosphere of acceptance, understanding, and curiosity. Inviting others into an authentic Christian community WILL allow individuals to experience Christ's love firsthand.

Cultural Impact: Transformed believers WILL engage with the culture and society around them, influencing it for good and bringing about positive change. They WILL advocate for justice, righteousness, and biblical values in areas such as ethics, morality, family, and social issues. Their transformed lives WILL challenge cultural norms and inspire others to pursue a higher standard of living.

Discipleship and Mentoring: Transformed believers WILL invest in disciplining and mentoring others, equipping them to follow Christ and grow in their faith. They WILL reproduce their own transformational journey in the lives of others, multiplying the impact of their transformation and spreading the message of salvation.

Transformed believersWILL profoundly impact non-believers and those who do not yet know Christ through these various means. They WILL be instruments of God's love and grace, pointing others to the transformative power of Jesus and inviting them into a life-giving relationship with Him.