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Calling All Ambassadors of Grace, "Ignite the Global Revolution with KINGDOM Empowered!"

Ambassadors of Grace: Your participation as an Ambassador of Grace empowers you to catalyze global change directly. You become a living embodiment of selflessness, creating a legacy that spans generations. By embracing RADICAL GENEROSITY, you're not just giving but rewriting destinies, forging connections, and weaving a tapestry of unity that transcends borders.

Are you a bearer of grace, an agent of transformation? KINGDOM Empowered is looking for Christians of unwavering purpose, Christians who burn with the desire to rewrite the narrative of giving and serving. This is not a mere invitation; it's a clarion call to rise as Ambassadors of Grace and fuel a radical movement of unprecedented generosity - RADICAL GENEROSITY! 

Join KINGDOM Empowered's 30-Day RADICAL GENEROSITY Challenge

Answer the Call to Unleash Radical Generosity

The time has come for a new era of giving, for a radical shift that defies convention. KINGDOM Empowered is on a mission to redefine how we donate, serve, and stand by one another. Ambassadors of Grace, this is your moment to rise and make your mark on the world, to embrace a level of selflessness that reverberates across the globe.

Embrace the Essence of KINGDOM Empowered: A Call to Transformation

KINGDOM Empowered's heartbeat is its revolutionary approach to generosity, echoing the First-century Christians who shared without reservation. But this is more than charity; it's about embodying the essence of Christ's teachings. As an Ambassador of Grace, you'll become a living testament to self-sacrifice, erasing boundaries of selfishness and self-concern.JOIN

Ignite the Power of Radical Generosity: Your Mission Unveiled

At the core of KINGDOM Empowered lies RADICAL GENEROSITY – a force transcending mere donations. Ambassadors of Grace, you are called to share your time, talents, energy, and resources with boundless selflessness. It's not about the magnitude; it's about your willingness to join a movement that can eradicate suffering and ignite hope. Your involvement has the potential to end poverty, hunger, and homelessness.

Join the KINGDOM Empowered 30-Day RADICAL GENEROSITY Challenge!

Embrace a radical shift in how FOLLOWERS of JESUS give, donate, and serve through KINGDOM Empowered’s 30-Day RADICAL GENEROSITY Challenge! Join a movement that transforms your heart and simultaneously impacts millions of others, creating a ripple effect of positive change worldwide.

Allow God’s grace, mercy, and love to guide you through His RADICAL GENEROSITY. Your involvement in this movement will transform your heart to mirror Christ and enable you to be a part of a worldwide transformation that fulfills HIS Great Commission.

Your Catalyst for Global Transformation: Spreading Love through Radical Generosity

The impact of RADICAL GENEROSITY is far-reaching—your act of giving sets off a domino effect, inspiring others to do the same. Entire communities are transformed, echoing the very teachings of Christ. As an Ambassador of Grace, you have the power to weave unity beyond borders, transcending differences and breathing life into the essence of love.

“We welcome you to join the RADICAL GENEROSITY journey stewarded by KINGDOM Empowered. By shifting how you approach giving, donating, and serving, you'll join a global movement that TRANSFORMS your heart AND extends Jesus’ love to every corner of the Earth."
Preston Allen, KINGDOM Empowered Cofounder

Fusing Faith with Technology: The Unstoppable Force of Humanity Tech

KINGDOM Empowered marries faith with technology through Humanity Tech. This fusion of compassion and innovation is poised to eradicate homelessness, addiction, and poverty. By tokenizing time, skills, and services, we empower each individual to address these issues directly. Ambassadors of Grace, this is your chance to wield technology for humanitarian good, to demonstrate God's love in action tangibly.

Your Time to Shine: The Call to Empower God's Kingdom

The call to action is clear, Ambassadors of Grace. This is your time to rise, to empower God's Kingdom like never before. By embracing RADICAL GENEROSITY, you're not just giving but altering destinies. KINGDOM Empowered transforms you into a protagonist of global change, a beacon of hope, compassion, and love.

The Revolution Begins with You: Embrace the Call Today

The world hungers for transformation, for a revolution of radical compassion. KINGDOM Empowered beckons you, Ambassadors of Grace, to step forward and answer the call. This isn't charity; it's an embodiment of Christ's teachings. Join us, a formidable Recruits JOIN NOWforce of Christians, and together, let's reshape lives, uplift communities, and revolutionize the world through RADICAL GENEROSITY.

As Ambassadors of Grace, you can rewrite the narrative and illuminate the path toward a brighter destiny. Embrace the essence of KINGDOM Empowered, and let your giving create ripples of change that touch every corner of our world.

Calling Ambassadors of Grace: Ignite the Global Revolution with KINGDOM Empowered!

To JOIN KINGDOM Empowered as an Ambassador, please provide your contact info HERE.

Three Vital Calls to Action for Ambassadors of Grace

Answer the Clarion Call: This is more than an invitation; it's a summons to greatness. Ambassadors of Grace, we implore you to stand at the forefront of a global revolution in giving and serving. The time to rewrite the narrative is now. Your unwavering commitment drives our mission – to redefine generosity, end suffering, and restore hope on an unprecedented scale.

Embody the Essence of Christ's Teachings: The essence of KINGDOM Empowered lies in RADICAL GENEROSITY, mirroring the First-century Christians who shared selflessly. As Ambassadors of Grace, you're called to live out this essence, to dissolve the boundaries between self and others. Your actions become a testament to the transformative power of self-sacrificial love, echoing Christ's teachings in every act of kindness.

Fuel the Unstoppable Force of Radical Generosity: Ambassadors of Grace, your involvement is not a passive gesture. It's a commitment to ignite a movement that transcends borders, dispels darkness, and ushers in a world where every act of giving resonates as a beacon of hope. By embracing RADICAL GENEROSITY, you're becoming the driving force of change, a catalyst for transformation that knows no bounds.

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