Children are precious in the sight of God, PERIOD! To our Heavenly Father, and His Son Jesus Christ, it is CLEAR that Children's spiritual well-being is the NUMBER ONE PRIORITY for EVERY COMMUNITY.

Remember, we are THE BODY of CHRIST. Therefore, it is crucial for all parents to join with the Christian community and begin early and train ALL children in the KINGDOM lifestyle, KINGDOM values, and ALL ABOUT SALVATION and their eternal destiny IN CHRIST.

By prioritizing children's spiritual growth, providing a safe environment, and equipping CHILDREN and FAMILIES with a strong foundation in the Christian faith, we EMPOWER them to become a generation of believers who impact the entire world with their faith.

The collaboration between KINGDOM Empowered, KINGDOM TV, KINGDOM Empowered Apps, and Jay's Legacy Foundation offers a unique opportunity to unite as the Body of Christ and make a significant impact on the lives of children, ensuring their holistic development and creating a brighter future for them. WE INVITE YOU TO JOIN US!


The sense of urgency to save and protect children is a critical aspect of the mission and vision of KINGDOM Empowered. The words of Jesus recorded in Matthew 18:3-7 emphasize the importance of childlike faith and the responsibility to care for and nurture children in the faith.

KINGDOM Empowered recognizes that children are precious in the sight of God and acknowledges their profound impact IN the Kingdom of Heaven. We understand the significance of creating an environment where children experience the love of God, grow in their faith, and develop a DEEP personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

By prioritizing children's spiritual well-being, KINGDOM Empowered aims to provide ALL CHILDREN and FAMILIES with a strong foundation in the Christian faith. We recognize that children have a unique capacity to believe and receive the message of salvation, and we seek to create opportunities for children to encounter the love and grace of God in meaningful and age-appropriate ways.

Furthermore, KINGDOM Empowered is committed to protecting children from any harm or stumbling blocks that may hinder their spiritual journey. We work with parents who strive to create a safe and nurturing environment where children flourish and grow in their understanding of God's love.

The urgency to save children stems from the understanding that early spiritual formation is crucial in shaping their worldview, values, and eternal destiny. KINGDOM Empowered seeks to empower parents, caregivers, and the community to actively participate in the spiritual upbringing of children, ensuring that they are surrounded by positive influences and provided with the necessary tools to navigate their faith journey.

Our urgency to save and nurture children is deeply embedded in the mission and vision of KINGDOM Empowered. We strive to create an environment where children develop a childlike faith, receive the love of God, and be protected from ALL stumbling blocks that are meant to harm or hinder their spiritual growth. By doing so, we aim to fulfill Jesus' teachings and create a generation of young believers who can enter the Kingdom of Heaven and ALWAYS impact the world with their faith.



The collaboration between KINGDOM Empowered, KINGDOM TV, KINGDOM Empowered Apps, and Jay's Legacy presents an incredible and unique opportunity to HELP LOCAL CHURCHES to save and disciple all children of all ages. By joining forces, ALL Christ-centered organizations can significantly impact entire communities by positively impacting the lives of children. WE ARE ALL CALLED to save the children of God.

Through the combined resources and reach, we expect to help ALL Christian organizations provide a comprehensive approach to serving, equipping, loving, and disciplining children. WE MUST DO THIS TOGETHER, as THE CHURCH, the BODY of CHRIST. We offer various services and programs that address children's physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs, ensuring their holistic development.

Collaboration allows for a coordinated effort in rescuing and providing safe havens for children who may be in vulnerable or dangerous situations. We aim to work together to implement NON-GOVERNMENTAL strategies for child protection and welfare, ensuring that children are rescued from harmful environments and placed in secure and loving homes.

Furthermore, collaboration enables Christian communities to provide essential Christ-centered education and access to ALL educational resources for children, regardless of their backgrounds or circumstances. Together, we establish Christian schools, Christ-centered learning centers, and Christian educational initiatives that empower ALL children with KINGDOM knowledge and skills, giving them a brighter future IN CHRIST and opportunities for KINGDOM growth and success.

The focus on healing within this collaboration is also crucial. Children who have experienced trauma, abuse, or neglect can receive the necessary support to overcome their past and find healing and restoration. Through age-appropriate discipleship, Christian counseling services, Christ-centered mentorship programs, and deliverance interventions, we WILL help children and their families break free from their pain and find hope and wholeness in Christ.

Christian Discipleship and Activation is the KEY!

Discipleship is a key aspect of this collaborative effort. By providing spiritual guidance, mentorship, and opportunities for children to grow in their faith, we equip them to become strong and devoted followers of Jesus Christ. They then teach other children the principles of the Bible, nurture their spiritual gifts, and empower them to live out their faith boldly in their communities.

The coming together we amplify our collective voice and influence. Through media platforms like KINGDOM TV and KINGDOM Empowered Apps, we spread the message of hope, salvation, and the love of God to a wider audience. This enables us to work together as the BODY of CHRIST to reach and impact more children and families, inspiring them to seek Christ and experience His transforming power.

Collaboration between KINGDOM Empowered, KINGDOM TV, KINGDOM Empowered Apps, and Jay's Legacy presents a powerful and unique opportunity to save, rescue, secure, stabilize, heal, educate, and disciple all children. Together, we create a comprehensive and holistic approach to serving children, ensuring their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.

By working in unity and with a shared sense of urgency, we make a significant difference in the lives of children, shaping their future and impacting the world with the love and grace of Jesus Christ.