KINGDOM Empowered Introduces CrowdFounding

KINGDOM Empowered stands as the pioneering voice behind the world's first Christian CrowdFounding Platform, igniting a revolution that will resoundingly advance the Kingdom of Heaven across the expanses of Earth.

The main differences between CrowdFounding and Crowdfunding are the depth of engagement and long-term commitment. While Crowdfunding involves initial support from backers, often with limited ongoing involvement, CrowdFounding transcends this by cultivating a universally beneficial relationship called “Winner Helps All!”

In CrowdFounding, supporters, akin to angel donors, provide vital resources and invest their time, skills, and dedication into the Christian venture. This ongoing commitment fosters a collaborative partnership where backers become active participants in nurturing the project's growth and success, embodying a profound commitment to advancing Christian causes and enterprises.

Specifics of KINGDOM Empowered’s CrowdFounding Platform

Christain CrowdFounding revolutionizes how Christian businesses and ministries secure funding by harnessing the power of “collective support.” While conventional funding channels have merits, CrowdFounding offers an extraordinarily unique growth path. This Christ-centric approach involves rallying contributions with family, friends, clients, customers, and other close relationships who share your Christ-centered vision, mission, or goal.Learn more about CrowdFounding

Crowdfunding and its brand new counterpart CrowdFounding, has evolved significantly, especially over the last decade, with no end. Blockchain technology, online platforms, and social media have significantly propelled the popularity of these models, bringing together Christian business owners and supporters seamlessly.

For Christian businesses and ministries, CrowdFounding presents an opportunity to fund new initiatives, attract customers, and receive valuable feedback. It involves raising startup funds from a broad audience, often via internal Christ-centered campaigns. Whether through interest, loyalty rewards, or tokens, CrowdFounding is poised to reshape and amplify traditional crowdfunding practices using blockchain technology.

Here's how CrowdFounding operates: Christian entities appeal to a community of Christians who collectively contribute time, talents, skills, and/or funds to advance a shared Christ-centered venture or cause. It allows diverse supporters to aid (donate) to Christian missions and ventures and receive goodwill tokens instead of a cash-fiat repayment, return, or ownership. KINGDOM Empowered's CrowdFounding platform facilitates this process by linking Christian businesses and causes with perfectly matched donors who want to stay, serve, and support forever.


CrowdFounding Benefits are Numerous

No Payback Concerns: CrowdFounding operates more like a donation than traditional financing. Although donors may receive tokens or native coins through KINGDOM Empowered's CrowdFounding platform, there's no obligation to pay back funds with a promised return on their donation. This is ideal for Christian startups and Christian people wanting to support them as “angel donors.”

EfficiencyCrowdFounding startups with great ideas avoid the complexities of preparing detailed business plans and financial statements. This streamlining allows businesses to focus on recruiting “angel supporters” who share the vision and desire to be early supporters of a fantastic new Christian business, cause, or campaign.

Learn more about CrowdFoundingValidation and Insight: A CrowdFounding campaign provides a real-world test of concepts and attracts early adopters. The concept of "social proof" lends credibility to new ideas, helping determine their viability.

Expert Feedback: CrowdFounders often possess market knowledge, providing valuable insights and feedback for business improvement.

Exposure Boost: Wider campaign exposure leads to tremendous success. Small Christian businesses can showcase their products, services, and ideas through CrowdFounding.

What Makes KINGDOM Empowered’s CrowdFounding Platform Unique?

KINGDOM Empowered offers various CrowdFounding models, including rewards-based and donation-based approaches. Rewards-based models offer contributors special incentives, often tied to the goodwill of the product or service. Donation-based models rely on calls to action and are particularly effective for Christian business growth.

Once Christian businesses grasp CrowdFounding's mechanics, they can leverage KINGDOM Empowered's platform to create profiles, set funding goals, and offer compelling incentives. Besides raising startup funds, CrowdFounding introduces Christian businesses to potential customers who are invested at the heart level and dedicated to the business's success.

“At KINGDOM Empowered, CrowdFounding is a transformative funding approach designed to empower Christ-centered businesses, ministries, and ideas by harnessing the collective support of the Christian community. It provides a powerful avenue for these initiatives to secure funding and talent to bring their visions to life.” Craig Rogers

CrowdFounding rallies a network of individuals who share a common faith and interest to contribute funds to specific Christian businesses and ventures. It serves as a bridge connecting passionate Christian supporters with impactful projects that align with their values. Through this model, Christ-centered businesses and individuals can access crucial startup funding that might otherwise be challenging to obtain through traditional means.

Here's how CrowdFounding helps:

Access to Funding: CrowdFounding offers Christian businesses and individuals an opportunity to secure the necessary funds to launch or expand their initiatives. It taps into the collective resources of the Christian community, making it easier for startups and projects to gain the capital they need.

Community Support: The Christian community's support goes beyond just financial backing. It creates a sense of shared purpose and responsibility, fostering a network of believers who are emotionally invested in the success of these initiatives.

Leveling the Playing Field: CrowdFounding levels the playing field for Christian businesses and initiatives needing access to traditional financing options but does not have it. It democratizes the funding process, allowing even small startups and ideas to spark, grow, and thrive.

Amplified Impact: When Christian businesses and projects are funded through CrowdFounding, their impact ripples through the community and beyond. Successful projects have the potential to inspire and transform lives, setting the captives free from financial limitations.

Gamechanger for Christians: CrowdFounding is a game-changer for the Christian world as it empowers individuals and entities to pursue their calling and contribute to positive change. It aligns with Christian values of collaboration, support, and stewardship.

Community Growth: CrowdFounding nurtures a culture of generosity and collaboration within Christian communities and cities. It fosters unity and shared goals, leading to growth and development across various sectors.

CrowdFounding at KINGDOM Empowered is a visionary approach marring faith-based values with innovative funding. It provides a platform for Christians to come together, support one another, and collectively fuel projects that hold the potential to make a difference in the world. Through this model, the Christian community can celebrate victories, lift each other up, and contribute to realizing God's Kingdom on Earth.