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Family Advocacy & Child Placing Services

Empowering Families Through Christ-Centered Advocacy


Welcome to Our Family Advocacy Services

At KINGDOM Empowered, we understand the heartache and challenges of raising a teenager facing emotional or behavioral difficulties. As Christian Family Advocates, we offer a beacon of hope and guidance for struggling Christian families. Through our specialized Family Advocacy Services, we're dedicated to helping you find the right Christ-centered intervention for your teen. Let us walk beside you with prayer, support, and compassionate coaching.

Who We Are

We are not just advocates; we are parents who have faced the tough decisions you're contemplating now. We are your ally in finding the most fitting Christ-centered intervention program for your teen. We stand apart–we are not tied to any single program or school, allowing us to offer unbiased, personalized recommendations based on your family's needs.

How We Help

Navigating the options for your struggling teen can feel overwhelming. Our role is to simplify this journey by guiding you to intervention programs that prioritize holistic development through Christ. From enhancing resilience to fostering healthy relationships, we aim to equip your teen with the tools they need for a return to grace and reliance on Jesus.

Free Consultation

Feeling lost is natural, but you're not alone. Schedule your 15-minute free consultation with us to discuss your situation and explore the options. Whether facing mental health challenges or behavioral issues, we're here to support your family's journey toward healing and understanding in Christ's love.

Nationwide Network, Tailored Recommendations

Our recommendations are guided by your teen's best interests, not geography. While we consider your location preferences, our priority is finding the most effective Christ-centered solution for your family. From nationwide intervention programs to in-home coaching, we're committed to identifying the right approach for your teen's unique situation.