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Welcome to "Training for Reigning"

An 8-week Advanced Discipleship Course


Introduction to Training for Reigning

Welcome to KINGDOM Empowered's pinnacle course, Training for Reigning, a transformative journey to immerse you into the Heart of God IN CHRIST. Under the personal guidance of Grace Coach Craig Rogers, author of THE Grace Awakening, you embark on an 8-week expedition that promises not just learning but a profound spiritual metamorphosis.


THE Grace Awakening Course

At the core of our service is the conviction that true discipleship is rooted in understanding and embracing God's boundless grace. Our Grace Coaches, led by Craig and Wendy Rogers, offer personalized, compassionate coaching, ensuring that every participant encounters the life-changing power of God’s Grace. Through thoughtful study of THE Grace Awakening, we guide you into a deeper relationship with Christ, empowering you to reign in life through His love and Grace.


What to Expect

Participants can expect an immersive experience that combines daily personal study, weekly coaching sessions, and vibrant group discussions.

By the course's end, you will:

  • Deepen your understanding of God's Grace and its power to transform lives.
  • Learn to apply Grace-filled principles to real-life situations.
  • Be equipped to disciple, coach, and lead others through their spiritual formation.