Answer the Call for RADICAL GENEROSITY and Become God's Angel Donor Through KINGDOM Empowered!

KINGDOM Empowered is launching the RADICAL GENEROSITY Movement to change the world, literally and figuratively. WE ARE CALLING FORTH an ARMY of GOD'S Empowered ANGELS. We believe RADICAL GENEROSITY is the answer to improving the world, and we are willing to live radically through grace, mercy, and love to prove it. Are you with us?

Recruiting Empowered Angel Donors: Your role as an Angel Donor is more than financial support; it's a proclamation of your belief in humanity's capacity for compassion. Through your contribution, you ignite a movement of transformation that touches lives, restores dignity, and brings healing to countless souls. Your impact goes beyond statistics; it's a legacy of positive change that resonates for years to come.

"RADICAL GENEROSITY is God the Father, RADICAL GENEROSITY is His character and nature. Through the Father’s RADICAL GENEROSITY flowing through us and in us, God is restoring the Garden of Eden, His Garden City, the New Jerusalem who is Jesus Himself enthroned at the righthand of the Father on HIS Throne of Grace." Preston Allen, KINGDOM Empowered CoFounder

Are you ready to catalyze transformation on an unprecedented scale? KINGDOM Empowered is extending a resounding call to Christian people, companies, ministries, organizations, and causes of unyielding purpose. Step into the role of an Angel Donor and fuel the monumental RADICAL GENEROSITY movement poised to reshape our world. Learn more about KINGDOM Empowered's 30-Day RADICAL GENEROSITY Challenge.

Empower the Ambassadors of Grace and Unite with KINGDOM Empowered's Vision

Angel Donors, you are the architects of change, the beacons of hope. Your generosity can empower the Ambassadors of Grace, a global community of selfless givers, as they donate their time, energy, talents, and skills to the KINGDOM Empowered DAO Project. Together, we're igniting a revolution that transcends boundaries, a movement to end poverty, hunger, homelessness, and addiction.DONATE TODAY!

Be a Catalyst for Transformation: Your Impact Matters

The world needs your impact, Angel Donors. By contributing a minimum of $2,500, you're becoming an instrumental part of the KINGDOM Empowered DAO Project. Your investment fuels the revolution of RADICAL GENEROSITY, allowing Ambassadors of Grace to channel their passion into tangible action. Your support has the potential to transform lives, uplift communities, and drive change that resonates for generations. Learn why you should take the 30-Day RADICAL GENEROSITY Challenge.

“KINGDOM Empowered's mission is to empower and unite Christians globally in unleashing RADICAL GENEROSITY that transforms lives and spreads the Gospel through a revolutionary movement of radical Christ-like giving, service, and support.”
Craig Rogers, KINGDOM Empowered Cofounder

Join the Force of Radical Generosity: Your Legacy Begins Here

Angel Donors, this is your legacy in the making. By joining hands with KINGDOM Empowered, you're not just making a financial contribution but co-creating a world where compassion reigns supreme. Your generosity paves the path for Ambassadors of Grace to dedicate themselves to the betterment of humanity. Together, we're redefining the essence of giving and service. Learn more about KINGDOM Empowered's CrowdFounding Platform.


Experience the Impact: Witness the Change You Ignite

Picture a world without hunger, homelessness, or addiction. Your involvement as an Angel Donor brings us closer to this reality. Through the KINGDOM Empowered DAO Project, your contributions resonate with exponential impact. You're not just donating; you're sowing the seeds of a brighter future, where every act of RADICAL GENEROSITY ripples outward, creating waves of transformation.

Forge a Legacy of Compassion: Embrace Your Role Today

Angel Donors, the time to act is now. Your support can't wait. By joining the KINGDOM Empowered Movement, you set a precedent of compassion, empathy, and unity. Your decision to be an Angel Donor ripples through the fabric of our mission, strengthening the foundation of change we're building together.

Embrace the Imperative: Join the KINGDOM Empowered Movement

The call is resounding, Angel Donors. This is your call to action, your opportunity to stand at the forefront of global transformation. Be part of a movement rewriting the script of giving, service, and compassion. Through your Angel Donor commitment, you're weaving a tapestry of change that touches lives, restores hope, and ushers in a new era of RADICAL GENEROSITY.

Fuel the Revolution: Become an Angel Donor Today

Leap into greatness, Angel Donors. Join us in fueling the KINGDOM Empowered revolution. Your contribution isn't just a donation; it affirms your belief in humanity's capacity for love and change. With your support, we're uniting as a formidable force of compassion, redefining how we impact lives. Embrace the call, become an Angel Donor, and let your generosity be the driving force that ushers in a world where RADICAL GENEROSITY is the norm.

JOIN the KINGDOM Empowered 30-Day RADICAL GENEROSITY Challenge

By signing up and participating in the 30-Day RADICAL GENEROSITY Challenge, you're committing to a KINGDOM impact, personal growth, and spiritual enrichment journey. Your contributions will amplify the Kingdom's impact, empowering Christian businesses and causes and creating a legacy of lasting change, AMEN!

Calling Angel Donors, Be the Catalyst of Transformation with KINGDOM Empowered!

Three Vital Calls to Action for Angel Donors:

Answer the Call of Humanity: Angel Donors, your role transcends financial contributions; it's a call to lead the charge in humanity's transformation. By contributing a minimum of $2,500, you're not just giving; you're empowering the KINGDOM Empowered DAO Project to eradicate suffering and ignite hope. Your support becomes the spark that propels tangible change across continents.

Ignite a Ripple of Compassion: Your generosity is not an isolated act; it's a spark that ignites a chain reaction. Through your commitment, you're inspiring others to rise alongside you. By showing the way, you're leading a movement of RADICAL GENEROSITY that can reshape communities, rewrite stories, and uplift countless lives. Your impact goes beyond numbers; it's the legacy of compassion you leave behind.

Shape a Legacy of Hope: Angel Donors, your involvement is etched in the annals of transformation. Your contribution isn't just financial; it's an investment in rewriting destinies. Through the KINGDOM Empowered DAO Project, you're co-creating a legacy of hope, where resilience, dignity, dignity, and well-being replace hunger, homelessness, poverty, mental health trauma, and addiction.

All followers of Jesus Christ are called to deny self, pick up their cross, and follow Jesus, to be as Jesus in this world, to shine the light of God’s glory in Christ through us, and as a city on a hill, to light the world with and through the love of God.

When we radically trust in the RADICAL GENEROSITY of God through Jesus Christ our Lord, we are walking IN CHRIST, abiding IN CHRIST, walking IN LOVE, and practicing radical selflessness. Jesus is the physical manifestation of His Father in Heaven, God the Father, and together they display themselves in the world through Holy Spirit and His RADICAL GENEROSITY.

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Craig Rogers

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Craig Rogers has been a Christ-centered leader in the...

Craig Rogers has been a Christ-centered leader in the behavioral health industry for the past 25 plus years. Craig Rogers is an...