Jay's Legacy Making A Difference In The Lives Of Others

Jay's Legacy Foundation is a Utah-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that plays a crucial role in the overall strategic alliance between Kingdom Empowered and Heaven's Door Childrens Foundation.

Jay’s Legacy Foundation serves local inner-city youth, students, and other less fortunate individuals. Though they primarily focus on educational grants and scholarships, they never limit how much they offer aid.

Jay's Legacy provides assistance and support to students & student-athletes that are seeking scholarship opportunities to further their education and athletic endeavors in college. We believe all students deserve an education beyond high school. Lack of means or funds should not be an obstacle for a student who is striving to achieve their goals.

Jay's Legacy Foundation is also dedicated to providing grants to St. George, Utah students, particularly those requiring financial assistance.

Heaven's Door Children's Foundation

Heaven's Door Childrens Foundation is a non-profit organization and orphan care center located in Mpigi District, Nkanaga, Uganda. Directed by Kitoogo Fahad, the foundation provides essential care, shelter, spiritual support, and education to orphaned, abandoned, and homeless children who lack the means to meet their basic needs.

Through its strategic alliance with Jay's Legacy Foundation and Kingdom Empowered, Heaven's Door Children's Foundation hopes to receive the financial support necessary to sustain its operations and uplift the lives of vulnerable children. KINGDOM Empowered Apps serve as a catalyst for this support, as a portion of the DONATION revenues generated through app usage is directed towards the foundation.

Supporting a Faith-Based Approach

Heaven's Door Childrens Foundation stands out due to its faith-based approach, which not only tends to the physical needs of the children but also teaches them the gospel, fostering spiritual growth and development. This aligns with the values and objectives of the Kingdom Empowered Apps, which aim to deepen users' understanding of biblical principles, cultivate a closer relationship with Christ, and encourage spiritual transformation.

By using the Kingdom Empowered Apps, individuals actively contribute to the financial needs of Heaven's Door Children's Foundation, providing care, education, and support to orphaned children. The synergy created between Kingdom Empowered, Jay's Legacy Foundation, and Heaven's Door Children's Foundation empower spiritual growth while making a tangible difference in the lives of vulnerable children.


Transformed Into the Image and Likeness of Christ

Engaging with the apps offers a transformative experience, allowing users to align their lives with biblical principles and participate in changing the lives of orphaned children. The comprehensive approach of the apps encompasses various aspects of Christian living, equipping users with teachings, resources, and tools for leadership, ministry, healing, deliverance, and prophetic activation.

Together, through this strategic alliance, we can empower spiritual growth, transform lives, bring hope, and make a lasting impact.

By embracing technology, philanthropy, and faith, we can change lives, one app download at a time. Join us in shining a light and creating a brighter future for orphaned children through the Kingdom Empowered Apps.

The Synergy Between Heaven’s Door, Jay’s Legacy, and KINGDOM Empowered

Through its partnership with Jay's Legacy Foundation and Kingdom Empowered, Heaven's Door Children's Foundation is poised to receive funding and support to sustain its operations and continue making a positive impact in the lives of these vulnerable children.

Jay's Legacy Foundation has strategically aligned with Kingdom Empowered Apps to help fund Heaven's Door Childrens Foundation. By generating DONATIONS through KINGDOM Empowered App usage, Jay's Legacy Foundation channels a healthy portion of the DONATION proceeds towards supporting the financial needs of Heaven's Door Children's Foundation.

Through this synergistic partnership, Kingdom Empowered App users contribute directly to the care, education, and well-being of orphaned and vulnerable children in Uganda.

The value proposition created between Kingdom Empowered, Kingdom Empowered Apps, Jay's Legacy Foundation, and Heaven's Door Children's Foundation is truly remarkable and impactful.

Heaven's Door Children's Foundation is uniquely positioned to benefit from a portion of the donation revenues generated through the Kingdom Empowered Apps.