The joint mission and shared vision of the School of KINGDOM Living, KINGDOM Empowered, KINGDOM TV, and KINGDOM Apps are centered around empowering believers and spreading the message of the GOSPEL of JESUS CHRIST and the KINGDOM of God.

"preaching the kingdom of God and teaching concerning the Lord Jesus Christ with all openness, unhindered." Acts 28:31


KINGDOM Empowered HAS created a robust and LIFE-CHANGING TRANSFORMATIVE discipleship APP encompassing foundational Biblical teachings, Christian mentorship, and KINGDOM LIVING LIFE support for new believers. OUR APP helps believers grow in their faith, deepen their understanding of the WORD OF GOD, and integrate GRACE and TRUTH into the community of believers.

KINGDOM Empowered is invested in improving and expanding our digital platforms. We RECENTLY LAUNCHED the KINGDOM Empowered Apps and KINGDOM TV Program. WE FOCUS on providing high-quality and relevant content that resonates with ALL CHRISTIAN AUDIENCES. We INCLUDE inspirational teachings, worship music, Bible studies, and resources for growth IN CHRIST.

KINGDOM Empowered HAS fostered a sense of community and fellowship among believers by facilitating interaction and collaboration. WE HAVE established online discussion forums, prayer groups, and opportunities for virtual gatherings. Encouraging believers to connect and support one another will help create a strong and engaged community.

KINGDOM Empowered HAS developed a comprehensive CHANNEL PARTNER strategy to reach a broader audience. This includes utilizing various digital marketing channels, social media campaigns, collaborations with influencers and partner organizations, and targeted advertising. Effective KINGDOM PLAN will raise awareness about KINGDOM Empowered and attract more users to our platforms.

KINGDOM Empowered seeks collaborations and alliances with other Christian organizations, churches, influencers, and Christ-centered media outlets. By partnering with established entities in the Christian community, KINGDOM Empowered WILL leverage our networks, expand our reach, and build more and more credibility. Strategic partnerships will help increase brand visibility and access new audiences.

By focusing on these immediate initiatives and steps, KINGDOM Empowered WILL CONTINUE TO strengthen its position, attract a loyal and inspired audience, and WILL NOW effectively fulfill its mission of empowering believers and spreading the message of the Kingdom of God around the globe. Our goal is to attract and serve 1 Billion User Members by 2033.

There are five essential objectives WE aim to achieve:


PREACH THE GOSPEL OF GRACE: Raise awareness among all people about God's love, grace, and redemptive power.

INVITATION TO ALL: Extend an invitation to all people, regardless of their background or beliefs, to experience a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

TEACH IDENTITY & TRANSFORMATION: Facilitate transformation in the lives of all people through the teachings of the KINGDOM, leading them to discover their true identity in Christ and live according to God's principles of love, righteousness, and purpose.


BIBLICAL FOUNDATION: Provide a strong spiritual foundation for new believers, equipping them with foundational teachings and principles of the Christian faith.

DISCIPLESHIP: Offer discipleship programs and resources to guide new believers in their spiritual growth and help them develop a deeper understanding of the Scriptures.

INTEGRATION: Help new believers integrate into the community of believers, providing support, mentorship, and opportunities for fellowship.


GRACE and LOVE EMPOWERMENT: Empower believers and followers of Christ to operate in their God-given GRACE gifts, talents, and callings.

SPIRITUAL MATURITY IN CHRIST: Facilitate spiritual growth and maturity among believers through in-depth biblical teachings, practical application, and personal encounters with God.

TEACH KINGDOM LIVING: Teach believers to live out the principles of KINGDOM in their daily lives, impacting their families, workplaces, communities, and spheres of influence.


RENEWAL and REVIVAL: Ignite a passion for God and bring about spiritual renewal and revival within the Christian community.

UNITY IN CHRIST: Promote unity among Christians, fostering a sense of belonging and collaboration in advancing the KINGDOM of God.

KINGDOM LIVING: Encourage Christians to live holistically, integrating their faith into every aspect of their lives, including relationships, work, finances, and personal development.


ACTIVATION AND MOBILITY: Activate and mobilize God's saints to fulfill their unique roles and assignments in the KINGDOM, recognizing that every believer has a part to play.

CHRIST’S AUTHORITY: Teach the saints to operate in their spiritual authority, equipping them to overcome obstacles, resist the enemy, and transform their spheres of influence.

IMPACT and INFLUENCE: Encourage the saints to impact their communities and the world around them by being carriers of God's love, extending acts of kindness, and demonstrating the power and reality of the KINGDOM of God.


These objectives aim to empower ALL PEOPLE at various stages of their CHRISTIAN journey and impact THEIR lives and the broader community. The intention is to bring about personal and community transformation, spiritual growth IN CHRIST, and advancing the KINGDOM of God on Earth.

Here's how KINGDOM Empowered and its vision can greatly improve the lives of ALL PEOPLE, especially Christians:

Transformational Teaching and Discipleship: KINGDOM Empowered provides in-depth biblical teaching that goes beyond surface-level knowledge. Through its platforms, it offers teachings on topics such as identity, purpose, spiritual growth, and practical application of the principles of the KINGDOM.

This empowers ALL PEOPLE to experience personal transformation and deepens their understanding of God's love and life plan.

Spiritual Empowerment and Activation: KINGDOM Empowered encourages believers to operate in their spiritual gifts and empowers them to live a life of supernatural power and impact.

By teaching about the Holy Spirit, divine healing, and the authority of believers, KINGDOM Empowered equips Christians to experience spiritual breakthroughs, walk in their God-given authority, and positively change their spheres of influence.

KINGDOM Living and Holistic Transformation: KINGDOM Empowered emphasizes the importance of living out the principles of the KINGDOM of God in every area of life. KINGDOM Empowered helps Christians live holistic lives that reflect God's love, character, and values by integrating faith with practical aspects such as relationships, work, finances, and personal development.

This holistic transformation has the potential to positively impact their own lives, families, communities, and the world at large.

Community and Unity: KINGDOM Empowered fosters a sense of community and unity among believers. Its various platforms unite Christians, encouraging fellowship, collaboration, and support.

This sense of belonging and connectedness helps Christians grow together, strengthen one another, and collectively significantly impact society.

Global Reach and Accessibility: KINGDOM Empowered leverages technology and media platforms to reach a global audience. The KINGDOM TV podcast and KINGDOM Empowered Apps make teachings and resources easily accessible to people across different nations and cultures.

This global reach allows KINGDOM Empowered to touch the lives of ALL PEOPLE from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and languages, allowing them to encounter God's love, truth, and transformative power.

By fulfilling its vision and mission, KINGDOM Empowered has the potential to bring about personal and societal transformation, empowering ALL PEOPLE to live purposeful lives aligned with God's plan.

As Christians are equipped, empowered, and transformed, they become agents of positive change in their communities, influencing others through their love, actions, and the demonstration of the KINGDOM of God.

Ultimately, the vision of KINGDOM Empowered is to see a world where ALL PEOPLE, especially THE CHOSEN Christians, are empowered to fulfill their God-given purpose, positively impacting lives and bringing about the goodness of God in every sphere of society.

The KINGDOM Empowered Mission, Vision, Objectives, Goals, and Initiatives


The expressed and implied reasons behind KINGDOM Empowered (KE), KINGDOM TV, and KINGDOM Empowered Apps, as well as partnering with Jay's Legacy Foundation, can be understood in the context of our purpose, mission, vision, goals, objectives, and destiny.

The PURPOSE of KINGDOM Empowered is to empower and inspire ALL PEOPLE to live according to the principles and teachings of the Kingdom of God. We aim to bring glory to God by helping ALL PEOPLE develop a deep and intimate relationship with the Father, BECOMING CHRIST living His life, SHINING HIS LIGHT.

The MISSION of KINGDOM Empowered is to spread the message of the Kingdom of God through EMPOWERED ministry channels, including KINGDOM TV and KINGDOM Empowered Apps.

We seek to provide valuable resources, teachings, and inspiration to ALL PEOPLE, enabling EVERYONE to deny self, lay down their life, grow spiritually and BE TRANSFORMED INTO LOVE, thus becoming true disciples of Christ.

The VISION of KINGDOM Empowered is to see a transformed world where EVERYONE embraces the Kingdom principles and live in alignment with and by God's PERFECT GRACE. We envision a community of believers who actively demonstrate THROUGH GRACE love, sacrifice, and a passion TO SEE God's GOODNESS in every aspect of their lives.


KINGDOM Empowered aims to reach a wide audience through platforms like KINGDOM TV and KINGDOM Empowered Apps. By utilizing technology and media, we seek to make the teachings of the Kingdom easily accessible and relevant to EVERYONE, EVERY DAY.

KINGDOM Empowered desires to see ALL PEOPLE transformed INTO THE IMAGE OF CHRIST and equipped to live as true disciples of Christ. KE Apps and programs provide SAINTS with resources, teachings, and guidance to help ALL BELIEVERS develop a deep relationship with God, ONE IN CHRIST, and to grow IN SPIRIT and TRUTH.

KINGDOM Empowered aims to empower ALL PEOPLE to live a life of KINGDOM purpose and impact. We encourage self-denial, sacrificial love, and service to others, helping ALL PEOPLE discover and fulfill their God-given purpose and destiny.


Regarding the Motivation of KINGDOM Empowered’s HEART

God's grace represents His unmerited favor and love toward ALL of CREATION. The heart motivation of God's grace is to bring salvation, forgiveness, and redemption to ALL CREATION, offering ALL PEOPLE the opportunity to experience a transformed life by Grace IN CHRIST.

We are driven by a deep conviction to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, The KING in HIS KINGDOM, and to empower ALL BELIEVERS to BE TRANSFORMED by the GOODNESS of GOD, which is His love and grace.

The reason KINGDOM Empowered exists is rooted in the understanding and application of the concept of denying oneself. The motive of the heart at KINGDOM Empowered is to embrace the counterintuitive path to happiness and fulfillment found in denying oneself for the sake of God’s great name.

KINGDOM Empowered recognizes that true freedom and fulfillment are not achieved by fighting for personal rights and freedoms but by embracing self-denial and surrendering to the process of BEING TRANSFORMED INTO HIS IMAGE.

KE aligns with the teachings of Jesus, who emphasized the importance of denying oneself and taking up the cross to follow Him.


The purpose behind KINGDOM Empowered's destiny is to lead ALL PEOPLE on a transformative journey of discipleship, where they learn to deny themselves and humbly WALK and LIVE in and from GOD, who is our Father in Heaven.

Through RICH teachings, living resources, and community support, KINGDOM Empowered aims to guide ALL believers in understanding that the path to salvation is counterintuitive. It involves losing oneself to find one's true identity in Christ, giving FULLY to receive, and dying to self to be born into eternal life.


The heart motivation of KINGDOM Empowered is to inspire ALL PEOPLE to embrace a life of self-denial, turning away from ALL SELFISH desires and, INSTEAD, be TRANSFORMED, enabling ANYONE to LOVE AS JESUS LOVED.

We aim to help ALL BELIEVERS experience transformation through faith, by Grace, and BECOMING LOVE in their communities and the world.


The vision of KINGDOM Empowered encompasses a community of believers who embody the teachings of Jesus, living out Kingdom values of love, forgiveness, and sacrificial service.

The mission is to empower ALL PEOPLE to discover their purpose and unique gifts, enabling them to positively impact their families, workplaces, and spheres of influence.

In summary, KINGDOM Empowered exists to guide ALL BELIEVERS on a counterintuitive path of self-denial, surrendering to God's LOVE, BE TRANSFORMED, and LIVING in and from the Father through Jesus.

The heart motivation of all involved is to inspire JESUS' transformation, promote discipleship, and empower ALL PEOPLE to live out Kingdom values in their daily lives. By doing so, KINGDOM Empowered aims to make an ETERNAL and LIFE-GIVING impact on ALL PEOPLE, communities, and believers worldwide.

KINGDOM Empowered's 5 Most Important Objectives

Compelling and Valuable Content: Creating and delivering high-quality, engaging, and relevant content is crucial. Users stay engaged with a platform that offers valuable and impactful educational, inspirational, or entertaining content. KINGDOM Empowered ensures its content resonates with ALL audiences and provides a unique value proposition.

Seamless User Experience: A user-friendly interface, intuitive navigation, and smooth functionality are essential for attracting and retaining users. Our platform is easy to navigate, with clear instructions and minimal friction points. Our seamless user experience helps create a positive impression and encourages users to explore the platform further.

Effective Marketing and Promotion: Developing a robust marketing strategy is vital for expanding the user base. KINGDOM Empowered employs proven marketing channels and techniques to raise awareness about our platform to reach the BROADEST audience possible. This could include digital marketing, social media campaigns, influencer collaborations, content partnerships, and native advertising.

Scalable Infrastructure: As the user base grows, it's crucial to have a scalable infrastructure in place to handle increased traffic, ensure smooth performance, and maintain a high level of user satisfaction. KINGDOM Empowered has the necessary technical infrastructure to support its expanding user base, including servers, bandwidth, and data management systems.

Strategic Partnerships and Alliances: Collaborating with relevant organizations, influencers, and stakeholders can significantly enhance the platform's reach and credibility. KINGDOM Empowered could consider partnering with established Christian organizations, churches, influencers, or media outlets to leverage their networks and tap into their existing user bases. Strategic alliances can increase brand visibility, access new markets, and build trust among potential users.


Access to Inspirational Content: KINGDOM Empowered Apps and KINGDOM TV offer a wide range of inspirational content tailored to Christians. This includes sermons, worship music, Bible teachings, testimonies, and uplifting messages encouraging spiritual growth and guiding daily living. Christians appreciate easy access to content that strengthens their faith and inspires them.

Community and Fellowship: Our platforms allow ALL Christians to connect with like-minded ALL PEOPLE, fostering a sense of community and fellowship. We offer features such as discussion forums, live chat, or virtual prayer groups, allowing users to engage with others who share their beliefs and values. We know MATURE Christians value connecting with and supporting one another on their spiritual journey.

Bible Study and Education: KINGDOM Empowered Apps and KINGDOM TV offer resources for Bible study, including study guides, commentaries, and interactive learning tools. Our platforms provide a convenient way for Christians to deepen their understanding of the Scriptures and explore theological topics. Accessible and comprehensive educational content is highly valued by those seeking to grow in their knowledge of the Christian faith.

Worship and Music: Christian music and worship play a significant role in the spiritual lives of many believers. Our platforms feature a wide selection of worship songs, hymns, and gospel music, allowing users to engage in personal worship and find solace and joy in praising God. Christians appreciate having a curated collection of uplifting music readily available for their worship experiences.

Personal Growth and Devotional Resources: KINGDOM Empowered Apps and KINGDOM TV offer resources for KINGDOM growth and spiritual development. This includes daily devotionals, prayer guides, meditation exercises, and practical tools for applying biblical principles to everyday life. Christians seeking to cultivate a deeper relationship with God and live out their faith appreciate having convenient access to resources that support their faith journey.

Kingdom Empowered is an extraordinary organization that stands as the world's first Christ-centered Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) dedicated to advancing the Kingdom of God on Earth. Located in St. George, Utah, Kingdom Empowered embraces a mission of profound significance.


At its core, Kingdom Empowered exists to establish the Kingdom of God on Earth. It serves as a platform for Christian individuals, businesses, ministries, and causes to unite in a decentralized and community-driven ecosystem.

This unique approach reflects our commitment to empowering individuals and communities from the bottom up while leveraging the transformative potential of decentralized blockchain technology.

Our overarching goal is to decentralize data and give individuals ownership and control over their data. By doing so, Kingdom Empowered enables PEOPLE to harness the power of their time, talents, skills, professional services, properties, investments, and even fiat currency through tokenization.

This means that individuals contribute to worthy causes, startups, and Kingdom businesses while earning tokens and equity in return.


A key aspect of Kingdom Empowered's vision is exponential equity growth within its ecosystem. As the KE ecosystem thrives, the value of our native tokens and coins appreciates, leading to increased support and growth for existing initiatives and cool opportunities for future endeavors. This dynamic fosters a mutually beneficial environment where individuals can actively participate in KINGDOM Empowered's success while advancing the Kingdom of God on Earth.

Furthermore, Kingdom Empowered places a strong emphasis on community building. We encourage the active involvement of all supporters, offering tools and resources for individuals, companies, communities, and organizations to transform their ideas into reality.

Through cooperative entrepreneurship and mutually beneficial opportunities, Kingdom Empowered aims to create a network of like-minded individuals united in their dedication to advancing the Kingdom of God.

Within the Kingdom Empowered ecosystem, subsidiary ventures further enhance its impact. Kingdom Marketing, for instance, provides digital marketing solutions tailored to Christian businesses, ministries, and causes.

By offering services such as website design, development, SEO, content production, and branding, Kingdom Marketing supports the growth and visibility of these entities within the Kingdom Empowered community.

Additionally, Kingdom Empowered operates Kingdom Defi, a division focused on decentralized blockchain technology. Kingdom Defi seeks to decentralize data, placing ownership and control firmly in the hands of individuals.


By championing data ownership, Kingdom Empowered aims to serve the Kingdom of God and empower individuals in their journey toward KINGDOM LIFE and KINGDOM LIVING.

Lastly, Kingdom Empowered is embarking on a significant campaign called the BANK of GOODNESS. Through this initiative, the organization aims to support the development of Christ-centric technology that addresses pressing global issues.

This includes endeavors to end homelessness, addiction, and poverty and work towards achieving world peace and prosperity. By leveraging technology and fostering innovation, Kingdom Empowered envisions a future where the principles of the Kingdom of God permeate all aspects of human life.

KINGDOM Empowered is an exceptional organization with a Christ-centered focus and a groundbreaking approach. We exist to advance the Kingdom of God on Earth by providing a decentralized platform for individuals, businesses, ministries, and causes to come together, contribute, and thrive.

By embracing the transformative potential of blockchain technology, KINGDOM Empowered empowers individuals, fosters community, and supports the development of Christ-centric solutions for global challenges. Our mission is of immense importance as we TRUST GRACE to bring about positive change and align human endeavors with the PLANS of the Kingdom of God.