KINGDOM Empowered's mission is to empower and unite Christians globally in unleashing RADICAL GENEROSITY that transforms lives and spreads the Gospel through a revolutionary movement of radical Christ-like giving, service, and support.

Join the RADICAL GENEROSITY Movement and be a part of God’s KINGDOM Empowered! Do you long to see RADICAL GENEROSITY influencing every corner of the earth, fulfilling the Great Commission's call to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to every square inch? Embrace the RADICAL GENEROSITY Movement, a pivotal force in our mission to share the Gospel worldwide.

KINGDOM Empowered is embarking on a transformative journey that calls upon all Christians to unite and redefine how we GIVE and SERVE. This movement, appropriately named RADICAL GENEROSITY, is an opportunity to revolutionize the concept of generosity, creating a resounding and profound global impact built upon the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.

KINGDOM Empowered's Revolutionary Secret Sauce, Unveiling God's Love Through RADICAL GIVING

At the heart of KINGDOM Empowered is a revolutionary secret sauce, a divine recipe to transform the world through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This sauce is a potent blend of RADICAL PASSION and unwavering commitment, designed to revolutionize how humanity treats one another, to uplift every corner of the Earth through RADICAL GIVING, and to spread the message of God's eternal love.

The RADICAL PASSION: Christ - A Fire Ignited by Love

KINGDOM Empowered's driving force is a RADICAL PASSION ignited by the love of God. This passion isn't a fleeting emotion; it's an all-encompassing fire that burns within every believer. It's a call to action, an urgent yearning to bring about tangible change in a world marred by suffering. This passion propels us beyond our comfort zones, urging us to live out Jesus' teachings in the most profound ways, like RADICAL GENEROSITY.

The Gospel Blueprint: Spreading Love Through GIVING

Our secret sauce is simple yet profound: the unwavering commitment to living the Gospel through action. It's the understanding that every act of giving, every instance of serving, and every moment of volunteering is an opportunity to spread the Gospel. Through these selfless actions, we embody Jesus' love, demonstrating it in ways that resonate beyond words. It's the Gospel in motion, a living testament to our faith.

Radical Giving: Sharing More Than Possessions

KINGDOM Empowered's secret sauce extends beyond material possessions. It's about sharing our life essence – our time, talents, skills, and even ourselves. Limits don't bind RADICAL GIVING; it's about going beyond convenience and comfort. It's about sacrificially giving what we can, when we can, without hesitation. This RADICAL GIVING creates a ripple effect of compassion, inspiring others to join the movement.

Uplifting Humanity: A Chain Reaction of Love

Imagine a world where RADICAL GIVING becomes the norm. KINGDOM Empowered envisions a chain reaction of love, where every act of kindness sets off another. This domino effect of compassion can uplift the entire world, erasing boundaries of nationality, ethnicity, and background. We build bridges of understanding and unity through RADICAL GIVING, transforming the global landscape.Learn to give brand new!

Technology and Love: Merging for Transformation

KINGDOM Empowered marries technology with love in unprecedented ways. Through blockchain, personal resources become tokens of empowerment. “Humanity Tech” can eradicate homelessness, addiction, and poverty, channeling technology's power for humanitarian good. This fusion amplifies our secret sauce, enabling us to touch more lives, restore dignity, and show the world the transformative power of God's love.

Heaven's Touch on Earth: An Unstoppable Movement

Our radical passion is an unstoppable movement. It's a force that transcends individual efforts, uniting a global community under a single purpose: to let God's love flow through us in radical ways. As we revolutionize giving, serving, and volunteering, we become vessels of Heaven's touch on Earth. We create a legacy of compassion, forever changing how humanity interacts and spreading the Gospel's message through actions that speak louder than words.

Join the Revolution: Be the Change

KINGDOM Empowered invites you to be part of this radical revolution. Embrace the secret sauce that fuses love, giving, and technology into transformative power. Your actions, your radical passion, can change lives, communities, and the world. Let's spread the Gospel's essence through every gesture of kindness, every selfless act, and every moment of RADICAL GIVING. Together, we will show the world that God's love, manifested in action, can truly change everything.


A Call to Action: Christians Unite for Global Change

Embrace the clarion call! KINGDOM Empowered invites every Christian to become a catalyst for change, a force that propels us beyond the ordinary. Together, we're poised to revolutionize how we donate time, offer support, and contribute finances to Christian community projects.

For more information about RADICAL GENEROSITY and CrowdFounding, please see Recruiting KINGDOM Empowered Ambassadors and Recruiting Angel Donors.

Transforming Giving and Serving: A New Horizon

KINGDOM Empowered is committed to nothing short of a paradigm shift. We envision a world where giving and serving are not just transactions but transformative experiences. We're calling upon Christians to step forward, to champion a profound change in how we support projects that uplift humanity, strengthen faith, and sow the seeds of positive change.

Elevate the Way You Give: Empower Projects Worldwide

It's not just about giving; it's about empowering. KINGDOM Empowered challenges you to elevate your giving, transcend the ordinary, and embrace the extraordinary. By joining our mission, you become part of a movement that funds and fuels Christian projects worldwide, enabling them to flourish, impact lives, and spread the message of love and hope.

Unite for Global Impact: The Time Is Now

The time has come for Christians to unite as a force of global transformation. KINGDOM Empowered allows you to channel your generosity into projects that genuinely matter, shape destinies, and empower communities. It's not just about donations; it's about a collective commitment to fostering change that resonates worldwide.

Rewrite the Future: Your Role in the KINGDOM Empowered Revolution

Your participation is pivotal. Through KINGDOM Empowered, you're not just an observer; you're a protagonist in a narrative of change. Rewrite the future by redefining how you donate your time, contribute financially, and offer unwavering support to Christian initiatives. Together, we'll create a legacy of impact that spans generations.

Empower. Transform. Illuminate.

KINGDOM Empowered beckons you to empower Christian community projects, transform lives, and illuminate the path toward a better world. It's not just an invitation; it's a challenge to rise above, to be part of a movement that drives change beyond imagination. Join us, and let's collectively amplify the impact of our giving and serving.

Be the Change: Embrace KINGDOM Empowered's Call

Learn to live RADICAL GENEROSITYDon't settle for the status quo. Embrace KINGDOM Empowered's passionate call to be the change you wish to see. Together, as a united front of Christian givers and servers, we can reshape the world. Join us in this revolutionary journey to transform how we donate, serve, and make an enduring mark on the fabric of humanity.

Revolutionizing Giving Through Blockchain, Humanity Tech, and Personal Resources: God's Blueprint for Kingdom Expansion

KINGDOM Empowered is poised to bring about a monumental shift in how followers of Jesus Christ give their time, money, and talents. By harnessing the power of cutting-edge technologies and the divine spirit of love, we are forging a new path to fund the development and expansion of God's Kingdom on Earth.

Blockchain Technology: Transparency and Trust

Blockchain technology serves as the cornerstone of our revolution. It enables transparent, secure, and immutable transactions. This means that every act of giving is recorded with utmost accuracy and integrity. Through blockchain, you can trace your contribution from inception to impact, ensuring that your generosity makes a tangible difference.

Humanity Tech: Eradicating Homelessness, Addiction, and Poverty

We're introducing Humanity Tech, a transformative force integrating technology and compassion. With this innovation, we're set on eradicating homelessness, addiction, and poverty. By tokenizing time, skills, and services, we empower every individual to directly contribute to solving these pressing issues. It's a marriage of technology and empathy, a convergence that propels us toward a world without suffering.

Personal Natural Resources: A New Dimension of Giving

At KINGDOM Empowered, we believe that every resource, including time, is a gift from God. By tokenizing personal natural resources, we amplify their impact. You can now give your time, talents, and skills in token form, elevating your contribution to something beyond transactional. Your offerings are transformed into tangible tokens of love, making your giving an enduring legacy.

God's Love: The Catalyst for Transformation

The heart of our mission lies in God's boundless love. Every act of giving, whether through time, skills, or financial resources, is an extension of that divine love. It's a conscious decision to channel God's love into action, touch lives, and illuminate the world's darkest corners. Through KINGDOM Empowered, your giving becomes a conduit of God's grace, spreading hope and transformation.

Funding the Kingdom: A Collective Effort

KINGDOM Empowered isn't just about individual giving; it's about collective empowerment. By uniting the global community of believers, we create a powerful force for change. Through blockchain, we pool resources and direct them toward impactful projects that resonate with God's Kingdom. It's a unified endeavor to fund endeavors that bring light to the world.

Expanding God's Kingdom: Your Role in His Plan

As a follower of Jesus Christ, you are pivotal in realizing God's Kingdom on Earth. KINGDOM Empowered offers you the platform to channel your resources, fueled by love and guided by technology, toward projects that uplift humanity. Your giving becomes a building block of a Kingdom that thrives on compassion, empathy, and divine purpose.

Transformation Beyond Imagination: The Promise

Through blockchain, Humanity Tech, personal natural resources, and God's love, KINGDOM Empowered is paving the way for transformation beyond imagination. Conventional boundaries no longer limit your contributions; they catalyze exponential growth, change, and revival. Together, we are weaving a tapestry of hope, where every token represents a step closer to God's Kingdom flourishing on Earth.

Join the Movement: Let Your Giving Change the World

It's time to step into a new era of giving. By embracing KINGDOM Empowered's vision, you are choosing to be a vessel of God's love, a conduit of change. Your contributions will resonate far beyond your expectations through blockchain, technology, and the spirit of compassion. Join us, and together, let's fund the development and expansion of God's Kingdom, bringing Heaven's light to Earth's darkest corners.