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Masternet is an online resource dedicated to helping adolescents, young adults and families find answers to life’s challenging questions. Growing up today is complicated and the issues facing kids are the product of a world radically altered from the one their parents grew up in.

With technology weaving its way into our social structure and the Internet providing parental free access to whatever their curiosity desires, kids today are being exposed mature, adult themes before they are cognitively and emotionally capable of understanding them.

Heroin, prescription drugs and cocaine are now household items, in addition to the pornography and sexually explicit forums that lurk in broad daylight, ready to snag an innocent onlooker. With a lack of experience and frame of reference to be able to make informed, adult decisions, this conflict can lead to dangerous behavior and potentially negative outcomes. Masternet not only shares informational resources for parents dealing with these kinds of circumstances, but also shares information about therapists and programs that are available to help offer structured solutions to youths engaged in negative, high risk behaviors.

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  Although parents have long wondered about the influences—both good and bad—that music can have on their teen, today’s parents may have more reason for concern. As of 2013, teens spend an average of 7.5 hours a day consuming media, including listening to music, watching music videos, and playing video games with music in the background. As a result, parents are increasingly asking themselves: How does music affe...

5 Things I Want My Daughter To Know As She Starts Dating

1. Never forget who you are. And I know, that sounds like just your mother thinking you are something special but guess what—you really are. And so is every other young woman. You need to remember, no matter who or when you are dating, that you are a person of invaluable worth. And because of this— 2. Demand Respect You deserve to be respected in every circumstance, and you must remember to show that respect too. Througho...

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Our Therapist Directory puts you in touch with professionals who can help

In the world of Mental and Behavioral health, proper diagnosis and treatment are essential. Masternet believes that every individual struggling with mental or behavioral issues, needs to be able to find professional help quickly and easily. Our Directory of Therapists, Psychologists, Treatment Centers and a host of other practitioners and programs offer immediate connections to those with the ability to offer help.

Regardless of what you or your loved ones are struggling with, you can turn to Masternet for reliable information that will guide you through the process of finding the proper treatment, support and guidance you require. In particular, parents are often in the dark when it comes to dealing with teen and young adult issues. If your son or daughter is struggling with depression or behavioral issues or have become involved with cocaine, marijuana, heroin, alcohol, or prescription drugs, it's likely you don't know where to turn. The practitioners and programs found on Masternet can give you the information required for you to make the right long-term choices.