Therapists for Troubled Teens Young Adults & Families

Therapists for Troubled Teens Young Adults & Families

If you are seeking therapists for troubled teens or young adults... we can help! Our goal is to help you find the best local therapist for troubled teens or young adults.  Therapists providing therapeutic services to families of troubled teenagers or struggling young adults specialize in the treatment of families.  For guidance, coaching, and support in finding the therapeutic approach that best fits your child's special needs call 888-973-3478.

Notice to Parents: Are you the parent of a troubled teen or young adult? Are you in crisis,  and do you need an immediate solution that is affordable? We can help! MasterNet's Family Advocates can help you find the right therapist. Our Family Specialists can help you assess the situation, search for solutions, and match you with the right therapeutic care. Call 888-973-3478

Therapists Provide Specialized Therapeutic Services

When a teen is considered to be "troubled", he or she is behaving in a way that is disruptive to the teenager, and his or her family. They are causing trouble that is affecting the entire family. The local Therapist's main goal is to reunite the family, putting them back together through a therapeutic process that involves "family" healing. Parents of teens have leverage, where they have more control over their child, insisting that their teenage child receive therapeutic support.

When a young adult is considered to be struggling parents may feel that they have very few alternatives, and their options are limited.  In order to help a struggling young adult the young adult must be cooperative and want help.  Parents can't force a young adult to get the help they need.  In either case, whether it is with a troubled teen or young adult, we can help. Call and speak with our Family Advocates.  We can help.

Viveri Youth Services
Outpatient Treatment for teens ages 13-19 in Dallas, Texas
      During the Partial Day treatment phase, teens attend the program five days a week and family members attend the Tuesday and Thursday evenin...
1719 Analog Drive
Richardson, Texas 75081
t: 214 812 9802
Cedar Ridge Academy
College Prep Boarding School for Teen Boys & Girls
Cedar Ridge Academy: College Prep Boarding School Cedar Ridge Academy is an accredited, private, international college preparatory therapeutic boarding school for tro...
4270 W. 5625 N.
Roosevelt, Utah 84066
t: (866) 471-6629
Therapia Addiction Healing Center
30-90 day Gender Specific Addiction Residential Treatment Facility
Our program is designed to cultivate mental strength, physical health, and spiritual balance. We have developed gender-specific programs for men and women based in the ...
120 West 1470 South
St. George, Utah 84770
t: 1-855-652-4325
Dr. Cory Allen Reich Ph.D., M.S., L.M.F.T.
Therapist, Educator, Consultant, Writer
50 E 100 S STE 301
St. George, Utah 84770
t: 8664390775
Red Mountain Recovery
Our philosophy is rooted in the belief that you have to make a sober life more enjoyable and appealing than a life of substance abuse. Our program features access to ex...

Sedona, Arizona
t: 855-266-7700
Red Mountain Sedona
Young Adult Extended Care Program
There is simply no other program in the world that offers the level of mindfulness we do at Red Mountain Sedona in treating young adults for substance abuse issues, anxi...
90 bell rock plaza suite 100A
Sedona, Arizona 86351
t: 855-266-7700
Mrs. Mecall Brooks Pearson
I have a passion for counseling others and helping them find wholeness and healing in their lives. I truly believe that every person can change, grow, and become more h...
Dr. Sharyn Faro
Psychotherapy, at best, is an exciting journey. It is a deep exloration into one's life. As a psychotherapist, I work in collaboration with my clients to learn to acc...
Katherine C Thyne
I use a direct, yet supportive/ positive approach to sessions with the focus on improving coping skills and releasing negative beliefs and behaviors. My experience has...
Ms. Carolyn Tucker
Are you paralyzed by anxiety? Does worry keep you from enjoying your life? Do you feel out of control because of panic symptoms or compulsive behaviors? Are you ready ...
Mr. Robert W Patterson
Committed love relationships are the most powerful and prized of all human healing. Yet, for many, being in a relationship can bring frustration as well as comfort, he...
Jacqueline J Fraasa
You've taken the first step! It takes courage to begin the process of change. I'd like to share in your journey. Therapy is a collaborative experience between therapi...
Dr. Joe Lowrance
We all want happiness, contentment and a general sense of satisfaction with ourselves and in our relationships. But life's challenges can often throw us off track. Ther...
Meg McLeroy
Do you nurture fear or hope? Investing in therapy is a positive step towards uncovering new possibilities in your life. Discover your insights and truth whether you ...
Mr. Randy Q Smith
People often come to see me because they feel that something else is in control their lives: an overwhelming emotion, an addiction, a debilitating mood, a traumatic pas...
Murray Dabby
Are you in emotional pain or confused about your life? Are you looking for a comfortable, intelligent and effective context for help? I have worked for over 30 years ...
Louise Northcutt
We all need help at times. The personal development work we do together gets to the source of your discomfort and unwanted behaviors. Insights gained through our inqui...
Ms. Elizabeth OBrien
Are you a pregnant worry wart? Do you wonder why it seems harder for you to be pregnant than for other women? Has your pregnancy changed you into someone you don't know...
Anne Mayfield
A CSAT Candidate offering psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, EMDR, and Breathwork, I specialize in behavioral and substance addictions, with particular expertise in sex, love...
Marquita Johnson
I am focused on providing holistic counseling to address my client's needs. I believe in treating the "whole" person taking into account the physical, mental, and spiri...