Military Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens - Champaign, IL

Help me find a top military boarding school for boys or girls from Champaign, IL

MasterNet's Family Advocates are available to help parents of troubled teens find the best military boarding school near Champaign, IL.  For immediate help getting your struggling child enrolled into a top military-style boarding school designed for troubled teenagers call 866-439-0775.  We provide assessment and evaluation services for parents of rebellious children.  What's more, we help families find the top therapeutic schools and programs who are offering a discount, scholarship, or tuition reduction.  We help parents enroll their child into affordable military boarding schools near Champaign, IL.

Parents from Champaign, IL call us every day looking for help, coaching, and support. The question we get all the time is, "is there an affordable boarding school for troubled kids near Champaign, IL?" Since there are only a handful of good military school options, most of the time we are helping parents find a program nearest their home. Unfortunately, the military school nearest their home is not alway the best option, nor is it always the most affordable. Our job is to find the perfect match and the best price.  Call us and let us help you get academic and behavioral help for your struggling child.

Military Structure with Behvior Modification in Champaign, IL

The objective of military boarding schools for troubled teens in Champaign, IL are to provide a challenging, highly structured, high impact academic program for teens who need the extra structure.  The schools are designed to mold defiant troubled teens into incredible citizens of respect and honor. The purpose of these programs is to turn around the lives of rebellious and troubled teenagers. The program objectives are facilitated through the use of a military-style code of conduct that contains the important core values of Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Self Sacrifice, Honor, Integrity, & Personal Courage.

Parents of troubled teens are usually at their wits end.  The chaos, turmoil, and trauma have left them overwhelmed with worry and concern.  Let us help you find the perfect solution.  The Admissions Specialists of MasterNet are standing by to assist you in locating the perfect therapeutic option.  Call 866-439-0775.

Guidance: Guidance is the offering of advice or information aimed at resolving a problem or issue.  MasterNet's family advocates are here to provide you will guidance.  Call 866-439-0775.

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