Eating Disorder Programs for Troubled Girls - Tampa Bay, FL

Eating Disorder Programs for Troubled Girls in Tampa Bay, FL

Troubled girls with eating disorders in Tampa Bay, FL suffer from issues that include anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating.  Troubled girls dealing with eating disorders require therapeutic intervention and help from professionals who specialize in treating eating disorders and troubled girls.  These emotional and behavioral issues are potentially life-threatening and difficult to overcome even in the best treatment programs.

Troubled girls suffering from eating disorders struggle to eat normally and their inappropriate eating habits are out of control. Without specialized treatment their lives are in serious in danger. In order to heal, the emotional and psychological issues driving their obsession with food have to be identified and dealt with.

Tampa Bay, FL Top Eating Disorder Programs for Troubled Teens

Eating disorders are a psychological and physical condition. The options for dealing with this complex disorder are:

Intensive outpatient therapy
Outpatient therapy
Day treatment programs
Individual therapy to address destructive thinking and behavior
Group therapy to provide education and support
Education on eating disorders
Nutritional therapy

Eating disorders are a social, emotional, and psychological issue that also creates a scary physical condition.  The potentially consequences are severe, and it could include cardiac arrest, kidney failure, and in some extreme cases death. Research shows that recovery rates are highest when treated in the early stages (residential inpatient treatment).

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